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Pilot John GSE, LLC, part of CGSE, is a worldwide distributor and supplier of new and used aircraft ground support equipment for corporate flight departments, airlines, FBOs, and maintenance facilities.

We supply new and used aircraft ground support equipment including, aircraft ground power units, aircraft hydraulic power units, Eagle Aircraft Tugs, JETporter electric tugs, aircraft jacks, aircraft lavatory carts, aircraft potable water carts, aircraft towbars and heads, aircraft oxygen carts, aircraft nitrogen carts, aircraft oxygen regulators, aircraft nitrogen regulators, aviation oxygen booster, aviation nitrogen booster, and other new ground support equipment.

We take pride in providing first class service that every aviation department deserves.

Vendor Showcase

JetPorter JP30

JetPorter JP30

The JP30 is capable of towing up to 30,000 lbs and has the power to move your aircraft with ease. Using a two-speed transaxle coupled directly to a 6 HP, continuous duty DC drive motor, gives this tug the power to get the tough jobs done. Many customers consider JETporter's ease of operation to be the best in the industry. Customers value the on board battery charger because a fresh charge is only the closest outlet away. read more