Diversified Communications Group

7450 Montgomery Road
Suite 400
Cincinnati, OH 45236-4100



Bridging the radio communications gap to ensure the safety, efficiency and FAR’s 121.99, 121.711, 135 and 119 compliance of airline operations by providing radio communications tools, equipment and services at reasonable prices. DCG has been providing professional sales, services, products and installations to support aeronautical and airline communication needs since 1987, covering sites from San Paolo to Guam as well as the US and the Americas. DCG provides system design, licensing and integration to our customers needing the necessary tools to operate their airline and business aviation operations effectively.

Aircraft Parts / Components:
Microphones Normal-FAA Approved
Microphones DTMF-FAA Approved

Airport Equipment and Supplies:

Aeronautical Base radio and FM Repeater gear FAR 121.99
Dispatch Consoles and Controls FAR 121.99
Two-Way Radio Over IP equipment.
Digital FM Portable Radio Systems, FAR 105, 106
FAR 121.711 recorders.
All-Country Licensing
Spectrum Management.