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Britannica Knowledge Systems offers the industry's most comprehensive portfolio of integrated aviation training management solutions. Its flagship product, Fox, is an innovative web-based training management system that systemizes and improves training, scheduling and compliance for aviation training organizations. Britannica's revolutionary Optimizer provides the most optimal, cost-effective training schedules – aligning with organizational business goals and work rules while fully complying with aviation regulations. It can be deployed without necessitating the replacement of existent legacy systems.


The mission of Britannica Knowledge Systems (a subsidiary of Encyclopaedia Britannica), is to optimize organizational performance by providing exceptional training, scheduling, compliance and learning management solutions. Britannica has a proven track-record of more than 30 years in delivering innovative efficiency solutions to the most prestigious and demanding civil aviation, defense, security force and corporate training operations.
The Fox platform is vanguard leading-edge, yet the Britannica difference is not about software alone. It is a combination of the most advanced technology, proven methodologies developed from vast experience, and a commitment to do everything it takes to achieve your highest definition of success. And, as subsidiary of the nearly 250-year-old Encyclopædia Britannica, all of this is delivered under a trusted name that is synonymous with knowledge.

Delivered by experts who ensure our products’ precise fit to distinct customer needs, Britannica's comprehensive training management solutions reduce costs, maximize resources, optimize scheduling, ensure personnel competency, assure regulatory compliance, and deliver BI for strategic decision-making.

We expertly customize Fox, lead implementation projects, train users, and provide prompt specialist support to ensure satisfaction with our product. Our customers' critical solutions are delivered quickly and completely by one of the most seasoned services staff in the industry, with advanced technical skills and vast project leadership experience. With Britannica Knowledge Systems, you will be engaging expert skills, proven processes and state-of-the-art technology.

The company's proven track record is based on more than 30 years of hands-on experience in providing optimal solutions for the most prestigious, complex and demanding operations in the areas of civil aviation, defense, security force, UAS, and corporate training management. An ISO 9001:2008-certified company, Britannica is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the US company, Encyclopaedia Britannica.


Developed and evolved from real user needs, Fox is a sophisticated all-in-one training management solution that enables better training program design, scheduling, execution, evaluation and monitoring. Fox helps airlines and training centers optimize scheduling and resource management to assure the highest level of safety training while increasing efficiency and saving money.

Fox eliminates complicated, manual, restrictive and inefficient processes as it manages the complete qualification training lifecycle, preventing certification expirations while fulfilling complex AQP requirements. It enhances learning achievement through a state-of-the-art LMS with sophisticated content, assessment, curriculum and course management tools. Fox is easily configured and can be fully-customized to enable every solution of any size and complexity to meet specific requirements. Customized features developed for a specific customer are incorporated into the system and supported for all customers as part of periodic upgrades to the commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) product.


SCHEDULING & RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: Fox ensures that the most appropriate resources are selected for each training event. The system handles all types of resources – from training devices to aircraft to instructors – with the goal of allocating and using resources to improve efficiency and maximize throughput. Resources are apportioned for only the specific hours of need, so they can be freed for additional use. Fox automates scheduling to save time and ensure that training programs and missions are executed with maximum efficiency.

TRAINING PLANNING: Fox helps forecast, plan, and optimize organizational training and resource allocation through sophisticated short and long-term simulated scenarios and advanced analytical methodologies. The results include improved training planning and throughput, increased efficiency, reduced resource costs, ability to easily re-plan and respond to unexpected changes, enhanced decision-making, and a smoother workflow and balanced workload.

INSTRUCTOR ALLOCATION: Fox automatically assigns instructors to training based upon their skills and qualifications while factoring in instructor day off preferences, conforming to regulations, and adhering to coverage requirements.

BIDDING: Britannica's bidding engine establishes a formal and streamlined process that uses weighted preferences to schedule instructor and pilot-chosen monthly days off, work days and vacation days. The module automatically factors in these needs as scheduling constraints, while honoring seniority, conforming to regulations, and adhering to operation coverage requirements. The result is an optimized training schedule or plan that does its best to incorporate crew preferences and reduce expense.

INSTRUCTOR QUALIFICATIONS: Fox ensures that instructors possess the requisite instructional skills and accreditations to perform their duties. Fox helps qualify and maintain personnel accreditation currency by managing the complete lifecycle of qualification training. The system allows the setup of all qualification standards and criteria for qualifying an individual for the first time, and the standards and criteria associated with renewing a qualification. Expiration and renewal criteria notifications alert of impending qualification expirations. Qualification statuses are integrated with resource management to assure that only qualified personnel are assigned to activities.

USER QUALIFICATIONS: supports complete lifecycle of traditional, AQP, and other EBT airline qualification training programs while providing critical insights for continual proficiency and safety improvement. Fox's flexible and robust airline qualification management solution consists of state-of-the-art tools that support innovative training methodologies and technology. It standardizes and automates qualification training for airlines with multiple departments, fleets, locations, subsidiaries, and organizational units.

TRAINING & CURRICULUM: Fox accelerates time to competence and increases learning effectiveness through facilitating the development and ongoing management of courses and their curriculum. Fox enables training developers to define course activities to match training needs as a natural continuation of the training needs analysis (TNA) process. Fox shortens time by allowing developers to develop and reuse curricula when creating new, but similar curricula. They can also develop and reuse schedules, placing training activities in sequence on calendar, applying any current constraints in availability such as holidays and working hours.

PERFORMANCE & GRADING: Driving improvement by measuring performance, Fox delivers unique and fully customizable user-generated evaluation tools that support individual and group-based training analysis. The system tracks and maintains individual performance achievement data, transforming it into valuable training progress information. Fox facilitates performance and knowledge assessment grading customized for compliance with AQP and ATQP requirements and based on training customer needs. Our mobile iPad grading application, Fox Grading, allows users to efficiently capture and evaluate graded performance online and offline. It is used for real-time grading activities such those that take place in a simulator or cockpit or during a field exercise. It supports professional certification and qualification issuance, as part of a standardized evaluation or qualification process including the FAA’s Advanced Qualification Program (AQP).

ADMINISTRATION: The administration capability enables full control over of Fox's use, including user and group management, organizational unit management, roles and permissions, and audit and trail logs. Fox enables process management permission delegation to designated functionaries by defining profile-based roles and assigning them to users.

CURRICULUM: Fox accelerates time to competence and increases learning effectiveness through facilitating course curriculum creation and ongoing management. Aviation training organizations can develop complete curriculum footprints (templates for rapid training program creation), which can be used repetitively. The system is designed for easy modification and maintenance, including initial and ongoing validation as well as approval and version management.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Britannica's comprehensive, cross-enterprise professional development solution helps foster the attributes needed to sustain and grow organizations through the advancement of all employees' skills and proficiencies. The complete engine behind all non-qualification continuing on-the-job training programs, it enables organizations to expand upon initial job training, stay in compliance, and maintain job and organizational aptitude. It uniquely manages role and function-relevant training, organizational, and HR changes by automatically delivering up-to-date relevant, mandatory and prescribed learning activities or news items to each employee immediately upon release or as required.

NOTIFICATIONS & ALERTS: Fox is equipped with preset email and dashboard alerts that assure that instructors and trainees are up-to-date with scheduling and learning information. Fox enables assignment monitoring with alerts that notify of impending due dates. All email notifications can be sent to company email addresses, and the 'from' email is easily configured to be a company account.

LMS/CONTENT MANAGEMENT: Fox’s web-based LMS seamlessly supports integrative learning so organizations can best deliver programs that meet student learning objectives. It enables organizations to automatically prescribe, deliver and track a set of learning activities based on trainee qualification status, role, and numerous other attributes. The Fox LMS uses a variety of instructional methods including classroom teaching, platform instruction, hands-on training and eLearning. It enables courseware development that is xAPI and SCORM compliant, using standardized learning objects and training materials that are easily merged and highly modular. Collected data is automatically analyzed and presented in graph format, to identify any services and deliverables that need attention. Britannica Knowledge Systems has passed the highest achievable level of xAPI and SCORM certifications, which is a verification of conformance by independent third parties.

TEST ENGINE: Fox's robust test-authoring function, enables users to build knowledge exams using numerous test configuration options via user-friendly templates. Fox facilitates knowledge assessment grading customized for compliance with AQP requirements and based on airline needs, using both multiple methodology scales and descriptive textual remarks. The test engine allows users to define remedial learning and retesting pathways; link testing to required skills and activities; and analyze measurements.

ANALYTICS: Fox allows training organizations to use its own data to enhance training performance, comply with governing oversight entities, and improve operations through the powerful combination of Fox's customizable dashboards and sophisticated reports using Microsoft's Report Builder. The Fox data warehouse and other APIs may be used to easily export data to another system for further analysis, reporting or importing. Using the company's data, Fox's built-in and customized reports, graphs and dashboards, viewable on a computer or hand-held device, enhances training program management and decision making regarding planning, procurement, personnel, and resource allocation. Fox’s customized dashboards present real-time situational readiness data for individuals, teams and units, so managers can detect individual and systemic strengths and weaknesses.

FEEDBACK: Fox's built-in feedback forms elicit trainee-experience feedback for overall program and service improvement. Collected data is automatically analyzed and presented in graph format, to identify any services and deliverables that need attention.

MESSAGE BOARD: Through Fox's built-in message board, trainees and instructors can collaborate and message with various distance-learning collaboration tools enabling users to work in teams and share thoughts.

DASHBOARDS & PORTALS: Fox presents situational training data for planners, instructors, schedulers and other managers. Viewable on computers or hand-held devices, these views provide a complete picture of the training needs against all available resources and support real-time training program decision making regarding planning, scheduling, resource allocation, procurement, and personnel.

CONNECT: we’ve built Fox to seamlessly integrate with other systems using a large variety of web services and other APIs. Britannica also supports dozens of methods and processes to easily interface with any other enterprise system. Being a user-friendly application with an intuitive API is essential because a state of the art training operation must have systems that easily interface with each other. We often work closely with our customers to analyze the integration requirements and define the ideal approach based on each integration's objective and constraints. We conduct end-to-end integration testing and can customize existing APIs or develop new ones based on organizational requirements. Using technologies such as Virtual Private Connections, we implement secure interfaces even if the system is in the Cloud.


Britannica's Optimizer most efficiently manages pilot training schedules, enabling considerable cost savings. It is a revolutionary scheduling optimization product for leading training organizations in the aviation industry. The Optimizer substantially decreases direct and indirect training costs, allowing pilots to spend more time in the air. The Optimizer provides the most optimal, cost-effective training schedules – aligning with organizational business goals and work rules while fully complying with aviation regulations. It can be deployed without necessitating the replacement of existent legacy systems.

By maximizing the usage of internal simulators, it decreases the need and use of third-party simulators. The Optimizer allows for more accurate scheduling of high-value simulators, including scheduling specific training during optimal hours, utilizing all time slots via preferences, minimizing buffer slots via historical analysis.

The Optimizer reduces deadhead only and wasted days. It matches the location of crew, instructors and training as well as flight schedules to avoid deadhead only and unnecessary travel, while maintaining a valid schedule per the applicable union and regulatory rules. This will significantly reduce the high cost of wasted days as well as travel expenses such as per diem and lodging.

It decreases overtime and increase instructor/evaluator (I/E) efficiency. By analyzing forecasted training workload, I/E availability and preferences, the Optimizer can generate optimally balanced training schedules that minimize the need for and cost of overtime. It reduces instructor/evaluator wasted reserve days. The Optimizer will assure that reserve day scheduling and utilization is optimized by distributing reserve days based on expected training load and other heuristics. This will ensure that reserve days are not wasted and are available when needed.

It shortens course footprints and minimizes wasted days. Extended qualification courses such as for new hires, upgrades and transitions usually include unrequired rest time. This has a ripple effect: postponing crew member operationality causes a significant training and operational cost impact. The Optimizer, delivering the highest achievable level of valid scheduling efficiency, will assure that that crews are trained and returned to the line as quickly as possible.

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