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Latitude Technologies develops, manufactures and sells the SkyNode® family of products, operates the LWS Sentinel data management service and provides telematics and remote-communication consulting services, including custom application development and onsite technical support. We offer the industry

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SkyNode S200

SkyNode S200

The SkyNode S200 provides security and crew safety for air/ground logistics applications. Phone and data access is available everywhere you operate.

The SkyNode S200 exceeds automated flight following (AFF) requirements mandated by US and Canadian Forestry Agencies and interfaces to multiple mapping and data management systems.

Network from Anywhere

The SkyNode S200 supports narrow band networking for aircraft requiring text messaging, email, FTP, and Internet access. Evolve to your requirements.

The SkyNode S200 was designed with application versatility in mind. Order the features you require and add more in the future should the need arise. Change doesn’t have to be expensive.
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